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Csaba Balogh: "Chess is a very nice game. Once you start then you never want to stop."

Csaba Balogh: "Chess is a very nice game. Once you start then you never want to stop."

What are your impressions from Armenia? How it felt to play the World Championship here?

This was my second time in Armenia. I have only good memories, because last year I qualified to the World Cup from the European individual championship and now I managed to score +2 against a strong field, so I was happy again with my performance. Everything was perfectly organized! The hotel, the place, the playing venue, all extremely good, only the food was a bit disappointing to me. 


Did you try Armenian national cuisine?

The meal on the closing ceremony with the national dishes were fantastic! I even bought Basturma at the airport to eat it at home.


Wow, that's nice. I wish you tried dolma. It's my most favourite one.

Maybe I ate it, I could only memorize the name of Basturma.


You are the winner of the World Team Championship 2003, as well as European Team Championship 2003. Were your expecttions from this year's championship high as well?

These were youth events. I also won European U16 individual championship in 2003. That year was quite successful we can say, but of course, we cannot consider them as real tournaments with top players. I remember, that I was one of the highest rated players on all three events, so I was hoping for good results.


What did the championship of this year give to you?

That was a very tough event with the best teams of the world. There were no easy games and matches. There were many similar teams, where only the current form could decide. I tried my best to help my team to achieve a good result. I was happy that I managed to play some good games, score some nice victories. The overall result and my performance was very good, but still in some games I should have played better.


You became grandmaster in 2004, at the age of 17, how it felt?

Hmm, it was long ago. Actually, I had my norms and rating before, when I was 16, but I had to wait FIDE until I got the title. I was happy of course, but this is just a step in a chess player's life, the hardest part of the career is just coming after that...


Is it somthing you always dreamt about? Your childhood dream was to become a chess player?

Yes, I always liked the game, although it is very tough. It requires many other things as well which I don't like that much.


What are those other things?

Physical preparation, nerves, memory, working with computers and things like this. Not only pure chess, when we just sit down and move on the board, which I would love a lot...


Would you like your children to be chess players as well?

No, for sure not. It is too tough and if it does not work for some reason, you will suffer all your life, unless you quickly start something else... It is good to have it as a hobby Chess teaches many good things which you can use anywhere in your life. But to be professional is another story.


I heard it many times, from other playes as well. I just wonder if it is so much tough, then what is the reason, what is pushing you to go for it and not leave chess?

It is a very nice game. Once you start then you never want to stop.


By Nune Nazaryan

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