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Evgeny Postny. "There are no miracles in chess. Full dedication and hard work are absolutely necessary to make progress."

Evgeny Postny. "There are no miracles in chess. Full dedication and hard work are absolutely necessary to make progress."

We have conducted an interview with Evgeny Postny, who is an Israeli Chess Grandmaster and a member of Israel's National Team. Postny left Armenia some days ago, he was here with his team to participate the World Team Championship 2015 at which Israel took the 7th place with 8 points.


Dear Evgeny, first of all, I would like to ask how it felt in Armenia?

I am not first time in Armenia already, but first time in Tsaghkadzor. It felt nice.


Did you like Tsaghkadzor?

Well, it's not so much to see in Tsaghkadzor, and our hotel was far from the town. In a tough tournament like that, anyway, there is not much time to visit some places, but, the view from my hotel room was very nice.


Hope you will have another chance.

I hope too.


Would you tell us a bit about your chess career, how it started?

I started to play chess at the age of 4 already. My father teached me. It was in Novosibirsk, where I was born and grew up. My biggest success, before my family moved to Israel, was winning the Russian Championship under 14. Few months later my family moved to Israel, where I live for 20 years. I became Grandmaster at 2002 and since then, more or less, I am professional.


Did you expect that you would become a grandmster with high elo? Were you dreaming to become a chess player?

I was always fascinated by chess, and enjoyed playing. At age 16,5 I decided to drop my studies at university and concentrate purely on chess. I concentrated on chess and started to make progress rapidly. It paid off. I became a strong grandmaster and I am very happy that I made that choice. Every chess player, actually, is dreaming of becoming World Champion. But, I am satisfied enough with the level that I have reached.


My father teached me to play chess when I was 3 and at the age of 5 I already went to Chess School. Unfortunately, after getting 2nd rank, I had to leave chess due to circumstances. And I always wonder how it feels to be a grandmaster and a member of your country's national team?

It feels great. It makes me proud to represent my country in such a prestigious event as World and European championships, Olympiads. But, it also requires full dedication and a lot of responsibility.


What can you say about the World Championship of this year? What it gave to your team and you personally?

It's a very prestigious tournament where many of the strongest teams in the world participate. For our team, to qualify to this event is already a big achievement. As, for the tournament itself, our team took 7th place. That's not a disaster, but, far from brilliant. We started very well, were in top three for most the tournament, but towards the end we lost several matches and dropped to 7th place. I made 2 points out of 5, which is not very good. I am not satisfied with my personal result. But still it was a great pleasure to take part in such an event.


What was disturbing your team from displaying better? Maybe tension and much responsibility?

In every tournament that I play there is tension. In such a strong event, the tension is very high. As always, after each tournament, I will analyse my games and will make some conclusions in order to improve my performance in future tournaments. There are more and less successful tournaments, it's a normal situation.


What you would advise to young players? What is the path to success?

There are no miracles in chess. Full dedication and hard work are absolutely necessary to make progress.


What are your near plans?

I will continue to play a lot of tournaments (I play more than 100 games per year, not including rapid and blitz). My next tournament is French team championship, starting at the end of May.


The administration of wishes you the best in your tournaments.

Thank you.

Thank you so much for accepting our offer.

Welcome and nice to meet you.


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By Nune Nazaryan