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Pentala Harikrishna: "I feel happy to be from the motherland of chess".

Pentala Harikrishna: "I feel happy to be from the motherland of chess".

We have conducted an interview with the grandmaster Pentala Harikrishna, who is one of the strongest chess players of India. 


As we know, the World Team Championship has just finished. What are your impressions?

I have visited Armenia first in 2000! I played World Juniors in Yerevan. This is my second visit to Armenia. The place is nice and interesting.

India started well but could not keep up the momentum towards the end. Round 8 is one of the critical rounds for India against Armenia. As many teams were on same points after 7 rounds and had chances to get Medal. 9th is disappointing result for us. But we learned some lessons from the event and hope to improve in next world team.


How it felt to be in Armenia?

It was nice. I liked the place Tsagkhadzor. I did not visit Yerevan this time.


You are from the motherland of chess. How it feels for you? I guess it is harder to play in the national team of India, because your feeeling of responsibility will be doubled. Is it true, what is your thinking about that?

I feel happy to be from the motherland of chess. I enjoy playing for India. I am playing for Indian team since 1998!! My first Olympiad was in Istanbul 2000 when I was 14 years old. So i understand the responsibilty I have while playing for my country. At the same time I enjoy playing for India and i try to give my best contribution for the team.


What is your opinion about Armenian chess players?

Armenia has great Chess culture and has great team spirit with which they are successful in Olympiads and other team events. Levon is great player and other players are also strong players.


In 2001 you became the youngest grandmaster in India. How it felt for you as a 15 years old teenager? Your all day was filled with chess, no hobbies, no entertainments?

It was pleasant feeling to become grandmaster at 15 and become the youngest grandmaster in India in 2001. However I wasn't preparing for hours. I was using informat and preparing. Not much with laptop or engines. So in a way whatever chess i saw it was fun and that helped me to play well and become grandmaster.


And at last I'd like to share your advice for young players who want to have success in chess. What is the most important thing?

Work hard and enjoy playing and analysing chess. They should balance on how much help they should take from computer engines.


By Nune Nazaryan


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